Bed Bugs

Let us help you sleep better tonight! If you think you have bed bugs give us a call. Our trained technicians will assess the problem. We also have a trained bed bug dog who can help identify if you have a bed bug problem at any type of property.

All life stages of bed bugs die when they have been exposed to 122 degrees of heat within 5 minutes. Our system will protect your belongings but will eliminate the bed bug population.

Our bed bug services are guaranteed. We will come back 7-14 days after the treatment to ensure we have eliminated the bed bugs and put a product in place to give you 90 days of protection! Contact us today!

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Zephyr was the first certified bed bug K-9 in the State of Iowa

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Our process for ridding Bed Bugs is quick and easy!

Only 4 simple steps!

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Bed Bugs are parasites that look to feed on resting persons for a blood meal and, once obtaining this blood meal, they travel back to a place of hiding.

Bed bugs are oval, flattened, brown, and wingless insects approximately 1/4″ to 3/8″ long (59 mm). They are similar in appearance to a wood tick. After the bug has taken a blood meal, its color will change from brown to darker red and becomes larger and more elongated.

Young bed bugs are much smaller and nearly colorless except after feeding, but resemble the adult in general shape. You may also find old skins, which are empty shells of bugs as they grow from one stage to the next.

You can only confirm that bed bugs are present by carefully inspecting each item. Pay attention to cracks, crevices, seams, and folds of material. Remember that young, unfed bugs may be mostly translucent. If you find bugs, then you have to be careful in containing the infestation. If you do not find bugs, but still suspect there may be an infestation, the steps mentioned below will provide peace of mind and ensure that you do not bring an infestation home.

Yes! Bed bugs may hide on your clothing, but they are not like lice and will not travel directly on the skin. If you are concerned about bed bugs on clothing, remove the articles and place items into a plastic bag. It would be preferable to remove clothing in a place with a non-carpeted floor, so bed bugs will be easier to see on the floor so you can wipe them up, vacuum them up, or kill them.

You may want to discard all luggage, clothing, and beds after discovering an infestation, but this is not

always necessary. The key is to contain all items suspected of carrying bed bugs in plastic bags until the items can be laundered in a dryer or heat treated by pest professionals. When laundering items, set the dryer on the hottest setting and the cycles need to last at least 40 minutes. Larger items such as furniture and beds must be treated by pest professionals or carefully thrown away after vacuuming.

DO NOT bring furniture or beds in from the roadside, garbage, or dumpster area.

If you’re still unsure if you have Bed Bugs give us a call at 319-291-7200