Termites can travel more than 100 yards in search of food. So, if your neighbor has termites, you could too. Aable Pest Control utilizes Termite Sentricon System to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony – including its queen. Never had termites? Keep it that way with Sentricon.

The science behind Sentricon leaves termites helpless because they can’t tell the active ingredient is lethal. And in lab tests, termites ate nearly 10 times more bait than wood.

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Do You Have Termites?

Unlike other pests that make themselves easily known, finding termites or the evidence they leave behind can be tricky. Subterranean Termites burrow deep into wooden structures or underground. Knowing what to look for and the early signs that your home has been invaded can help you catch them before significant damage is done. If you notice any of the common symptoms below, call Aable Pest Control for fast and effective termite treatments.